Undecided? A Guide to Mastering Business Majors

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 3.33.59 PMIn college but unsure of what you’ll do after you shake hands and cross that graduation stage? Don’t worry, you’re far from alone. On average, about 50% of freshman enter college undecided and 75% of college students change their major at some point.

As a business student, there are several possible paths to take, depending on what type of work you’re most interested in. The jobs following each major vary, from sales to financial consulting to sports management to virtually anything else you could want to pursue.

Here’s some of the top business majors and reasons why each one may be the perfect choice for you.


Head honcho, Mr. President, CEO… who hasn’t dreamed of being at the top? If you envision yourself as a leader, enjoy decision-making, and want continuous opportunity for moving up the ladder, management might just be your calling. Management majors tend to begin at lower-level jobs and work themselves up consistently as they gain experience. As a manager, you will be able to influence others and see your visions carried out in a firm.

Required classes:

  • Organizational Behavior
  • Global Business Management
  • Business Decision Making

Three electives from choices including: Global Leadership, Global Corporate Social Responsibility, Global Talent Management, Intro to Entrepreneurship, Philosophy of the Social Enterprise, Business in Emerging Markets, and Data Mining.


Are you creative, sociable, and organized? If so, you may want to look into a Marketing major. As one, the variety of possible jobs is seemingly endless. Whether you’d be interested in corporate sales, advertising, marketing research, data analytics, fashion marketing, brand management, social media, event planning, or sports management, with a marketing degree your choices stretch on and on.

Required Classes:

  • Competitive Effectiveness
  • Marketing Management

Four electives including: Buyer Behavior, Advertising Management, Professional Selling, Sales Management, Marketing of Services, Sports Marketing, International Market & Trade, Interactive Marketing, Continued Topics in Marketing and Seminar in Marketing.


Do you consider yourself a risk-taker? Can you make crucial decisions in uncertain and constantly changing environments? If you’d check yes, finance may be the answer to your undecided troubles. The financial world is a complex, global, highly regulated and risky, and evolving place. Three of the most popular careers in finance are jobs in Corporate America, financial advising and consulting, and investment banking, while other options are risk analysis, wealth management, Fixed Income/Equity sales and trading, and jobs with non-profits, the government, and law.

Required classes:

  • Financial Management and Reporting
  • Intermediate Corporate Finance
  • Equity Markets & Valuation
  • Fixed Income Markets & Valuation

Three electives including: Contemporary Topics in Finance, Financial Markets & Institutions, Credit Markets & Valuation, and more.

International Business (Co-Major)

Today’s job market is increasingly global, spreading across and growing in all nations. People with culturally diverse skills, such as foreign languages and knowledge of international law, are extraordinarily valuable to all types of companies. Whether you’re interested in working overseas or not, co-majoring in International Business will give you a competitive advantage when applying for jobs. Plus, who wouldn’t want to get to study and work abroad in some of the most beautiful places on Earth?


  • A primary major
  • Intermediate language competency
  • Global Business Management
  • International history or social science elective
  • Study Abroad

Three International Business electives including: Global Leadership, International Accounting, International Finance, International Law, International Marketing, Management in Emerging Markets, and more.

Now it’s time for you to do some exploring, finding out which major best suits you. Try a little taste of everything and see which is sweetest. Hopefully this information is helpful in guiding you on the road to success!

Check out the Villanova School of Business website for more details on specific requirements.


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